Homeschool, Literary Bracket, Lord of the Rings, Round 2

Lord of the Rings Character Championship Bracket: Round 2

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BREAKING NEWS: We had a tie this week!  Frodo and Eowyn are moving into overtime.  Vote here (April 1 only)!

Round 1 in the Lord of the Rings Championship Bracket is complete.  Respectfully, Joshua, I believe that first round was rather easy, the Arwen controversy notwithstanding.  😉 Round 2 and on?  We might have some tears…

Homeschool, Literary Bracket, Lord of the Rings, Round 2

You can find find Round 1, Part 1 here.  Round 1, Part 2 is here along with the character quote printable!

Who will move on to Round 3 next week?  You get to decide!  Cast your votes in the polls below, and share with your friends.

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This week’s video:

LOTR Bracket: Round 2

Tolkien Polls Round 2:{I love how he just takes over my blog…guess that's partnership and collaboration at work }

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3 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Character Championship Bracket: Round 2”

  1. Good grief, Amy! I just found this and I have to say, I’m sorry I don’t really follow your blog except the occasional link I find if I’m on FB, but THIS grabbed me and would not let me go! Good job Joshua! Far, far more angst in my soul over Theoden vs. Sam than any basketball bracket! What fun! (Now back to school…) 😊

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