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Paideia, Repentance, and Joyful Domesticity as a 2nd-Generation Homeschooler (with Melissa Cummings) Homeschool Conversations with Humility and Doxology

You may already know Melissa Cummings from her work coordinating the Paideia Northwest conference. Perhaps you've read her guest post over on all about singing the Psalms with our little saints, or you've followed her journey learning the Psalms with her own little ones over on Instagram. But whether you know Melissa already or are meeting her for the first time today, you will love her winsome description of life as a second-generation homeschooling mom: raising her children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, repenting on repeat, and reading lots of good books together. Show notes/Full transcript: Thank you to podcast sponsor MoneyTime! Use code HDPOD21 for 25% off an annual license: Year of Memory Work: — Send in a voice message:
  1. Paideia, Repentance, and Joyful Domesticity as a 2nd-Generation Homeschooler (with Melissa Cummings)
  2. Finding Freedom and Fun in Homeschooling (with Dachelle McVey)
  3. Finding God's Good Gifts in Motherhood (with Laura Booz)

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