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Hands-On Math: Binary Finger Counting

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My son has always loved math. Even when he was very little, he enjoyed reciting math facts aloud. He’s always been fascinated by random tidbits and interesting facts related to mathematics. He was pretty young when he first learned a method for counting to 1,023 on his fingers using the binary number system.

Now, I don’t quite understand it all. (That’s why I had Joshua record the video below) I’m quite comfortable with our Base-Ten system, thank you very much. But if you can stretch your mind for a minute, imagine that the place values you know as “ones,” “tens,” and “hundreds” (multiples of tens) are actually multiples of 2!

Instead of 10^0, 10^1, 10^2, etc forming our place values, what if it were 2^0, 2^1, and 2^2?

Check out this fun, mind-boggling, hands-on activity to explore and play around with math through binary finger counting, then scroll down for some of our other favorite, fun math resources:

Hands-On Math: Binary Finger Counting!

Some of you may have seen my son counting to 31 in binary in stories yesterday. Well, if you wondered what in the world was going on, he's back to explain a bit about the base 2 system, and how you, too, can count to 1023 (and beyond!) using just your fingers (and toes). 🤣 This is hands-on math at its finest. 😉 Have questions? I probably don't have the answer, but I'll ask Joshua… ;)Wonder, curiosity, and enthusiasm make education a delight! https://humilityanddoxology.com/

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Other Fun Math Resources

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Murderous Maths are favorite books around here!

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions This one has provided hours of enjoyment!

Invert and Multiply: Why?

Don’t Know Much About Math? Start here. {Includes fun YouTube videos!}

Math Facts That Stick

PI Day Fun!

My son is one of them. 😉

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Hands On Math Binary

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