Meet Amy

Getting to Know Each Other

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Welcome. I’m glad you’re here ❤

Meet the family:

My beloved and my friend

My husband, John, and I have been married 16 years.  We fell in love over intense theological debates, lots of late night phone calls (we were long-distance for a while), and hours spent praying together.  He’s literally tall, dark, and handsome, and I am still totally twitterpated.

Humility and Doxology Family Pic 2019

The children

We are also both second-generation homeschoolers, and are currently homeschooling our 5 children by grace alone.  Our oldest son is 15, we have three daughters in the middle (ages 13, 10, and 8), and our (not-so-little) guy is 5.

We follow a restfully-classical approach (you can read more about my perspectives on teaching and education).  We enjoy going textbook-free when possible, and we prefer to begin the day with morning time and end it with family worship. We love family adventures, overflowing book shelves, and baseball.

Moms are people, too

I love reading. I love coffee.  I’ve persevered through 3 half-marathons and several 5K races.  I like classes at the YMCA mainly because I have very little discipline or inclination to push myself when working out on my own. 😉

I visit the library so often they know us all by name.  I constantly have an overly-ambitious stack of books I want to read.

My favorite scent comes when opening an old book.  And when drinking coffee.  Did I mention I love coffee?

I love murder mysteries, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare.  The Iliad of Homer is a favorite, but I get too mad at Odysseus to really enjoy the Odyssey.

I tend to have very strong reactions and opinions about fictional characters.  Is that bad?

About Humility and Doxology- Family Pic

At the heart of it all, though, I get super excited about the Gospel.  The perfect obedience of Christ on my behalf, His sacrificial atoning death for me, and His glorious seat at the right hand of God with a promise to come again fill me with faith, hope, and peace.

Please introduce yourself:

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